Understanding Hoarding: A Deeper Look into Different Types of Hoarding

What is Hoarding? The Mental Aspect

Hoarding isn't just about collecting items. It's when people find it too hard to get rid of things, causing too much clutter in their homes or workplaces.

Common Types of Hoarding

Hoarding is more than collecting items. It's about finding it hard to throw away things, causing clutter.

1. Object Hoarding

Object hoarding is when people gather too many everyday items like clothes or books. Sometimes, they focus on one type of thing, like shoes or magazines. 

2. Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is when people keep too many pets that they can't care for properly. They believe they're helping, but they can't provide the needed care. 

3. Data Hoarding

Data hoarding is saving too much digital stuff, like emails or photos. They may have hard drives full of files, or thousands of unread emails.


The Impact of Hoarding on Individuals and Communities

The Impact of Hoarding on Individuals and Communities

Hoarding affects everyone, not just the hoarder. 

For the hoarder, it leads to unhealthy homes full of dust and mold, causing health problems. It also creates risks like tripping or trouble in emergencies.

Hoarding can create fire dangers too. A tiny flame can become a big fire because of the clutter, putting everyone at risk.

For the community, it's a problem too. Neighbors might complain about clutter, smells, or bugs. It could even involve social services or animal control.

Why DIY Hoarder Cleanouts Aren't Recommended: The Risks You Need to Know

The Challenge of Emotional Attachment

Cleaning out a hoarder's house by yourself can make the person feel even worse because they're attached to their things. Every item, no matter how small, can feel special. It might remind them of good times, or even of people they love. That's why cleaning out can be very tough and make them feel sad or upset.

Risks Associated with Untrained Cleanout

Hoarder homes can be unsafe. There might be things that could hurt you or make you sick. Sometimes, sharp things can be hidden under piles of stuff. Other times, things that are old or rotten can make the air bad to breathe. That's why it's not a good idea to do this job without the right training or tools.

Risks Associated with Untrained Cleanout

Our team knows how to clean out a hoarder's house safely and without causing more stress. We know how to handle different types of things and situations. We also know how to do the job in a way that is kind and patient. This way, the person feels more comfortable and less worried during the process.

Shocking Numbers: Hoarding Statistics in Coeur d'Alene and Beyond Coeur d'Alene and Beyond

Hoarding is a problem that a lot of people have, both here in Coeur d'Alene and across the country. According to an article published in the Bonner County Daily Bee, compulsive hoarding “affects at least one in 50 people,” and possibly as many as “one in 20”.

Prevalence of Hoarding in Coeur d'Alene

Just like in the rest of the country, here in Coeur d’Alene, we have a hoarding problem. Many residents have expressed that they or their loved ones are unable to get rid of excess stuff. The reasons are almost always emotional. And with time this problem only gets worse as more items are accumulated. 

National Statistics on Hoarding

In the whole U.S., about 2-5% of people have a hoarding problem.

Understanding the Numbers: Why is Hoarding a Growing Concern?

More and more people are dealing with hoarding. It's important to help them because it can affect their health and that of people in their lives.

Our Approach to Hoarder Cleanouts: The Lake City Hauling Process Explained

Our team follows a careful process to help with hoarding problems.

1. Initial Consultation and Assessment

First, we chat and look at the situation. It's a free and no-pressure step. We aim to understand and see how we can help.

2. Creating a Customized Cleanout Plan

Then, we make a plan tailored to what we see and the person's needs. It's designed to work best for them.

3. Execution and Follow-up

Next, we clean up carefully and respectfully. After cleaning, we give advice to prevent future hoarding. This way, the home stays safe and comfy.

Tailoring to Your Needs: Variations in Hoarder Cleanout Services at Lake City Hauling

Our help can change based on what the person needs.

  • Service Variations Based on Types of Hoarding

We help with all types of hoarding - from too much stuff, too many pets, to too much digital data.

  • Flexible Scheduling Options

You can choose when we come to help.

  • Customized Pricing Models

We make sure our prices are fair and match how much work needs to be done.

Trash Hoarder Services by Lake City Hauling

Empathy in Action: How We Put Our Customers First in Hoarder Cleanout Services

We care about our customers and make sure they feel good during the whole process.

1. Our Commitment to Privacy and Respect

We promise to respect your privacy and make sure nobody else knows about your hoarding problem.

2. Support Beyond the Cleanout: Our Post-Cleanout Assistance

After we clean up, we give advice on how to keep your space clean and stop hoarding from happening again.

3. Customer Testimonials: Stories of Transformation

Lots of our customers feel so much better after we help them. They're happy to share their stories.

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Lynn Fogarty
Lynn Fogarty
Lake City Hauling can be trusted by anyone and everyone. I trusted them and I would like to thank you, Caleb and your crew, sooo much for making our visit to beautiful CDA even more enjoyable thanks to your outstanding skills today, arriving with the perfect sized container and handling those treacherous berry vines and all of the other branches and landscape debris. Removal was efficient and clean up of the area was meticulous. We appreciated your immediate response to my urgent phone call and your personal care and willingness and ability to schedule an appointment the next day. We felt comforted by your reassurance and understanding and confident with your commitment to our project and we weren’t disappointed. We are thrilled. Thank you so much again!
Miranda Custer
Miranda Custer
Caleb responded promptly to my desperate search for a dumpster rental. I’ve worked with other great pick-up “junk removal” companies in the past, but in this case I needed a live receptacle to work through the purging process. The opportunity to rent a dumpster (for the same price as a haul!) for an extended period of time allowed us to sort through clutter and items in “storage” from our moves over the years. Thank you Caleb!
Kimber Mayfield
Kimber Mayfield
Although they were extremely busy, and I told them, we had to be out of the house by the next day, Caleb went above and beyond the call of duty, made it out the same day. Their service was quick, amazing, fairly priced, and not to mention the owner is just one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I will definitely use them again if I need stuff hauled.
Lori Wood
Lori Wood
I had same day service! I had a pile of old baseboard trim, curtain rods, and other trash from a remodel; I just wasn’t equipped to get it out. Lake City Hauling came to check it out, gave me a fair price and hauled it off the same day! Very professional and my yard looks so much better! I highly recommend!
Jennifer Hart
Jennifer Hart
They not only get the job done but their customer service is top notch! As a realtor, it is important to have reliable and trustworthy businesses we can refer to our clients. Lake city hauling checks all the boxes! Honest, reliable and amazing communication throughout the whole process! I feel confident in saying Lake city hauling is the best junk removal service in North Idaho!
Timothy Waggoner
Timothy Waggoner
I will from now on only use Caleb for hauling! He is very quick, honest and works hard to get your project taken care of for you. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for junk hauling or demolition services.
I had used a previous company and was entirely ripped off, and lake city hauling was more than capable of finishing the job. I am truly impressed by Caleb and his teams Tact and professionalism. I recommend everyone uses Lake city Hauling. Thank you Caleb you really saved my bacon.
Sue Kepler
Sue Kepler
I would hire them again they were on time and were professional… great job
Carole Loy
Carole Loy
These guys were amazing! Totally responsive, very professional. Handled basement stairs with heavy lifting all day long, courteous and polite! Highly recommend!
Terri Austin
Terri Austin
Caleb was professional and efficient. More importantly extremely fair. We have no complaints. I would highly recommend him.

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We're the best because we're experienced, caring, and always do a great job. We're also honest about our prices and make sure our customers are always happy.

Cleaning up a hoarder's house by yourself can be unsafe and can make the person feel bad.

We adjust our services based on the type of hoarding and how severe it is.

First, we talk and assess the situation. Then, we come up with a plan. Lastly, we clean up and provide help to prevent hoarding in the future.

Absolutely. We can adjust our services based on the type of hoarding and how severe it is.

We promise to respect your privacy and make sure the cleanout process doesn't bother you too much.